Try the 2019 6 week Spring Session Sampler 

With Modern Dance with Ginny Martin and Dana Yager, LLC


Who: 3 ½-6 year olds

When:6 weeks starting Saturday March 9th

Days/Times:  Saturdays 8:15 am or 11:30 am

Where: 24 Pashley Road, Glenville next to Pashley Elementary School

Fee:$75 for 6 classes

Description:  Dancing with Dana Yager is a unique, creative experience unlike anything else.  A master at sparking a child’s enjoyment of movement though wonderful dance story, Dana offers a dance wonderland not to be missed.  The six-week Spring Session Sampler Creative Movement dance for 3 ½ -6 year olds is a perfect time for you and your child to try a unique dance program tailored specifically for this age child.  

Contact Dana Yager for questions or to enroll (518) 982-1763 or email dana.wojcik@